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History of FAPA

In 1957, Dr. Jules Shangold with the assistance of Drs. Crystal, Geller, Greenberg,

Isenberg, Kanegis, and Lane believed podiatric medicine was a unique health profession and

formed FAPA as a common assistance organization for Podiatrists. Fraternalism in its purest!

Advice and assistance was given to the members in the areas of practice management,

scientific podiatry, assistance in buying and selling practices, health insurance, or any other

item of interest to podiatric practice.

The position of the organization was to advise members to purchase a high deductible,

traditional indemnity health insurance program. Additionally advice was given to secure an

insurance program which would cover any deductible and /or co-insurance portion of the high

deductible policy.

FAPA Fraternal is incorporated in the state of New York.

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Purpose and Programs


FAPA is a fraternal organization formed by podiatrists to promote fraternal, professional, personal,

and social benefits for its members.


FAPA arranges for the exchange of information of interest to podiatrists through seminars and newsletters


FAPA offers discounts on Home/Auto insurance, disability insurance , long term care insurance, and an

affordable rate on malpractice insurance (for NY state practitioners) with a highly rated company.


FAPA's primary concern is to provide mutual aid and assistance to members including offering

emergency loans, short term loans, and podiatric student interest free tuition loans.


FAPA develops programs to benefit the profession of podiatric medicine through donations

to colleges of podiatric medicine, podiatric educational and medical facilities, and to the

FAPA memorial program.. Over $250,000.00 has been so allocated.


FAPA's other programs to benefit the podiatric medical physician are the CME record

keeping service, and PIP (podiatry insurance panel)



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Contact Information

Phyllis Darcy, Administrator


(516) 520-0500


(516) 520-6348

Postal address

133 Horn Lane, Levittown, NY, 11756

Electronic mail

General Information: fapa@fapafraternal.org

Webmaster: GSTONES

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